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My professional carreer started in 1977 after receiving the title M.Sc. in Electrotechnical Engineering at the Technical University of Eindhoven. I presented my graduation study at the IEEE conference "EUROCON '77" in Venezia. "A simple switching network for analogue and digital signals, with reduced crosstalk.&quot"

Note that my carreer started with POTS (Plain Old Telephony Service).

My first employer was PHILIPS Telecommunications Industries. I was HW designer in the BOOT department (Basic development public switching systems) developping on PRX-A (Processor controlled system using Reed switches in the X-connect) and PRX-D (the digital version).
This resulted in the introduction of microcontrollers in peripheral units and a 2 Mbit/s interface (DTI) on the PRX-A, that prolonged its lifetime considerably.
I have also worked (aftercare) on older electro-mechanical switching systems, types UR and UV.

In 1984 after the joint venture with AT&T (AT&T and Philips Telecommunication Industries) I was the first developer from the Hilversum lab to use the AT&T ME facillities for developping ASICS. Later I worked (development, cost-reduction and multi-site manufacturing) on the 2 Mbit/s interface of the 5ESS switch (DFI), required for the deployment by operators building their digital network based on 2 Mbit/s hierarchy.

In 1986 I moved to Whippany (NJ) to work on the SLC-120 project (a Subscriber Loop Carrier or pair-gain system) for two years, I was a member of the architecture team, developer of the 2 Mbit/s Unit (TRU) and system tester.

After my return from the USA I started in the Access group (of APT) as project leader of the ISDN NT-1 (2B1Q) for the American market. I also supported the development of the BAMX the Basis Access MultipleXor 2 Mbit/s.

In 1991 I moved to the Transmission department (the company name changed to AT&T) to work on the ISM-2000 system, an SDH Add-Drop Multiplexor. First as developer of the 2 Mbit/s unit (TPU-2), later as a System Integrator testing new SW and HW releases. At the same time I supported the development of the OLC-2000 system, an ISM with subscriber access for 120 subscribers.

My last resposibility at Lucent Technologies was Sytem Architect for the ISM successors ADM16/1 and Metro ADM. I also supported development of SONET systems 2.5G/10G.
Mainly focussed on faulthandling/reporting, protection switching and Ethernet access.

The standardisation of VCAT (G.707), LCAS (G.7042) and GFP (G.7041) was one of my major achievements. I was the Standards Representative for Lucent on these subjects in ITU-T SG15, ANSI T1X1.5 and ETSI TM. I was the editor of ITU-T recommendations G.707, G.783, G.7042.
I chaired the ETSI working group TM1 and TM1-WP3 and was editor of ETSI standard EN 300 417.

As a recognition of my contributions in telecommunication standards I am a Senior Member of the IEEE.

In 2004 I worked as a Senior Systems Engineer at TranSwitch Corp defining and developing devices for SDH, SONET and Ethernet equipment.

From 2005 until 2015 I am worked as a Senior Researcher and System Architect for Huawei Technologies in the field of Multi Service Platforms and related standardisation efforts in ITU-T AND IETF.

I introduced the ODU0 in ITU-T recommendation G.709 and co-designed the ODUflex and its hitless adjustment of ODUflex described in G.7044 (ex G.hao). I was co-editor of G.8021 (Ethernet equipment), G.8131 (MPLS-TP linear protection).

I was the ITU-T SG15 rapporteur of Question 10 (Q10), responsible for "OAM in Transport Networks".
Q10 develops Ethernet OAM (G.8113/Y.1731, MPLS-TP OAM (G.8113.1 and G.8113.2), Ethernet services (G.8011.x) and User-to-Network Interface (UNI) and Network-to-Network Interface (NNI) descriptions (G.8012 and G.8112).

Currently I am Senior Consultant at Hai Gaoming BV (my own company).

In my carreer I am now working on POTS (Packet Optical Transport Systems), so I made a full circle.

I am the author of the following books based on my expertise:

cover  The ComSoc Guide to Next Generation Optical Transport: SDH/SONET/OTN

cover  Next generation SDH/SONET. Evolution or Revolution?

cover  Modeling the Optical Transport Network

I wrote Chapter 4 "Multiplex structures of the Optical Transport Network" in this book:
cover  Optical Networking Standards

And Chapter 3 "OAM in Transport Networks" in this book:
cover  Optical Transport Networks from TDM to Packet.

In addition to the above, from 1989-1999 I presented a course in telecommunication technology to post graduates at the PT Group of the "Hogeschool van Utrecht".

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