() My hobbies include:

[] Genealogy, digging for my roots.

Investigating ancestry of myself and relatives. "van Helvoort", "Achten", "Seuren", "Maessen", "Craane", "Verhoeven" in the Netherlands but also in Suriname "Hasselbaink", "Irion", "Esajas".
With my gained knowledge I also helped other people find their ancestors. See my dedicated page in Dutch (click here)

[] Comix, collecting all possible translations of the adventures of Asterix and Obelix.

take a look at my own Asterix page

Thanks to these ex-Lucent colleagues, who helped me expand my collection: Kees Blokland, Douwe Wienke, Hans Lamme, Willem van Willigenburg, Martin Fernandez, Bertrand Salle, Henk Oort, Albert Prins, Stuart Shepherd, Manfred Loeffler, Michel Joosen, Peter Stassar, Erik Helbo, Migchel Dirksen, Cees van 't Hoog, André Vroye, Henk Enderink, Jan Venema, Pablo Marin, Judit Telekesi, Dmitri Semine, Aina Sutra, Barna Kiss, Leen Mak, Sang Dae Kim, Natalia Molyova, Vera Plodikova, ..... (and many more).

Idefix I am still searching for:
  • First Russian translation of Asterix and Cleopatra published by Egmont Latvia (1995)
  • First Greek translation of Asterix Legionair published by Spanos (1971)
  • First Hindi translation of Asterix and Cleopatra published by Gowarsons (1984)

  • [] Music, listening to all songs of Billie Holiday.

    This site contains a complete discography of all het songs, and much more

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