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Hello visitor. Welcome to my website. On this site you will find information regarding my profession and career. There is also information about my hobbies.

[]For more information regarding my expertise in Packet Transport Network OAM (click).

Specific topics are Carrier Class Ethernet OAM and MPLS Transport Network OAM (MPLS-TP).

[] For more information regarding my expertise in SDH(SONET), OTN and OAM in Transport Networks (click).

Specific topics are Virtual Concatenation VCAT, Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS) and Generic Framing Procedure (GFP).
The page contains ITU-T, ETSI and ANSI standards information, articles and book references, links to tutorials and examples and excercises.

The page also contains information about the books I wrote: cover1 cover1 cover1 cover1 cover1

[] In case you are interested in my professional carreer (click).

The page will show my lifeline since I received the title of "Electrotechnical Engineer" (MSEE) at the Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

[] More networking activities you will find on my LinkedIn profile (click).

[] If you are looking for more information about OAM in SDH and SONET standards (click), following this link will provide you with an overview and a comparison.

[] In my spare time I have some interesting hobbies (click). Digging up my ancestors (genealogy), collecting all translations of the comic Asterx and listening to all the songs of Billie Holiday.

[Meer over mijn voorouderonderzoek staat op www.van-helvoort.eu/genealogie ]


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